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Metric Hex Head SEMS Caps Screws Class 8.8"    Two Piece Wheel Nuts


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linkage products

spherical rod ends

metric rod ends 

ball joints

 Spherical bearings

hvac damper control ball joint swivels

control rods

 Threaded Ball studs

lubrication fittings

Self locking six slot hex head place bolts grade 8 GM* TYPE AA

  wheel fasteners

  heavy duty wheel bolts & studs 

medium & heavy duty wheel bolts & studs  

Metric Hex Head SEMS Caps Screws Class 8.8" 

wheel nuts

Two Piece Wheel Nuts

heavy duty  double end rim studs & nuts

FASTENERS for brake drum assemblies  

slotted bearing & pinion nuts 



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  AETNA ROD ends, ball joints, ball studs, spherical bearings &   custom linkage assemblies

Top quality and in stock, Rod Ends, Ball Joints, High Misalignment Rod Ends, Spherical Bearings, Fractured Race Bearings, HVAC Damper Control Swivels, Control Rods, Cam Follower Bearings, Mast Guides, Bushings, Radial Bearings, Connecting Rods, Ball Studs, Ball Swivels, Metric Rod Ends, Solid Yoke Ends, Solid Rod Eyes and Custom Linkage Assemblies made from a wide range of materials, for a wide range of applications for all of your motion transfer applications. aetna maintains very strong partnerships with all the top names in the industry. This provides aetna the ability to offer our customers not only the best prices and services but a one stop source for all their Spherical Bearing requirements.  Material Handling, Automotive, Heavy Truck, Racing, Leisure Craft, Agriculture, Heavy Equipment, Lawn & Garden, HVAC, Watercraft, Snowmobile, ATV and many other industries use aetna Spherical Bearing Products for their Motion Transfer Applications. Click on a link above for detailed information and complete specifications.

 AETNA wheel bolts, wheel studs, wheel nuts, hub bolts, DOUBLE END STUDS, bearing LOCKNUTS & SLOTTED hex nuts  are designed for maximum durability in Automotive, Class 8 Heavy Truck, Material Handling, Lawn & Garden and Agricultural Equipment & Heavy Construction Equipment applications. Click on this link for detailed information and complete specifications. 


AETNA self locking, six slot hex head, place bolts gr. 8,    gm* type aa  are designed for resistance to vibration and stress. Place Bolts are used in critical areas such as flywheel and various drive-train assembly applications. Click on this link for detailed information and complete specifications..







  AETNA LUBRICATION fittingS are the industry standard for Automotive, Truck, ATV, Leisure Craft, Material Handling, Heavy Construction, Agriculture and Industrial Machinery applications. Click on this link for detailed information and complete specifications.

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