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Aetna Screw Quote Requirements

1) All Aetna's products are for RESALE USE ONLY.
2) Aetna requires all companies to provide a resale number for our records for sales to be conduct.
3) Aetna requires a formal order with order number on company letterhead to accept an order.
4) Aetna requires a first time customer order to ship COD or check in advance.
5) Aetna requires a first time customer of a stock item to allow Aetna one day to enter your company information into our system.
6) Aetna requires all companies to provide four credit references (no steel companies please).

  • Aetna will review all credit references for approval.
  • Upon credit approval Aetna will ship all orders, (after the initial first order), open account.

7) Aetna's standard billing terms are Net 30 days.
8) All shipments are FOB: Niles IL.
9) Aetna requests a freight line of the customer's choice or a customer UPS account number for small shipments.
10) Aetna does not accept credit cards at this time

Aetna's business platform does not allow any retail or individual sales.