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Lawnmower Fastener Supplier

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Maintaining beautiful landscaping is much easier with the right tools. From property owners to professional crews, the demand for high-performing lawn and garden equipment continues to grow. This requires the right fastener and bearing products. Ensure your lawncare equipment performs as intended with support from Aetna Screw Products. As a leading precision fastener and bearing product provider, we can turn around high-volume orders components quickly and affordably, regardless of design complexity. 

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Why Lawnmower Fasteners are Important?

Given the maintenance a house or business requires, it’s easy to overlook the exterior. However, landscaping adds value, making it an integral part of any upkeep plan. Lawnmowers, which range from rotaries and gang reels to zero turns and stand-ups, are comprised of myriad components held together with bearings and fastening devices. Using off-the-shelf products may result in reduced performance or unplanned failure. This can hurt your business in many ways. 

  • Customer Complaints
  • Recalls
  • Warranty Claims
  • Injury
  • Damages Brand Loyalty

Since lawnmowers and related devices are pushed to the limit daily, you need bearings and fasteners that stand the tests of time. Aetna Screw Products can manufacture them for you.  

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Your Lawnmower Fastener and Bearing Source 

Whether you’re a lawn care equipment OEM or a supplier for one, Aetna Screw Products can help you support movement and keep things together with rod endsspherical bearingsball jointscustom linkage assembliespowertrain fasteners, place bolts & grease fittings with support from Aetna Screw Products.. We’ve decades of experience manufacturing fastener and bearing products for challenging applications. We manufacture fastening and bearing products in many sizes and configurations from various materials. When we’re on the job, you don’t have to worry about inventory running out when a critical project is underway. 


Quality Trusted Lawnmower Fastener Supplier 

At Aetna Screw Products, client satisfaction is paramount. Material is acquired from reliable sources, and precision measuring devices are used to verify parts surpass applicable industry standards or customer specifications. All orders are checked for compliance before shipment. 

When needed, parts can be supplied with total traceability, helping you maintain continuity from mill to finished product. Here is common documentation we provide with shipments: 

  • Certificate of Conformance
  • Heat Treatment Reports
  • Mechanical Characteristics
  • Chemical Characteristics
  • Coating Certifications, When Applicable

From Print to Production

At Aetna Screw Products, we strive to be easy to work with. We can manufacture fastener and bearing products using your print, specification, or purchase order requirements. If you need a custom fastening or bearing solution but don’t have a vetted design, we’ve got you covered there, too. Our team works with you to develop a prototype for validation and testing. Once everything is approved, full-scale production kicks off. 

At Your Service

With more than six decades of experience producing high-quality fasteners and bearings, Aetna Screw Products understands getting components that fit, form, and function on time and within budget is critical for our clients. We stand behind the products we manufacture. Quality is high, turnaround is fast, and costs are low. 

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