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Spherical Ball Joint Assemblies

Aetna Screw provides OEM's and distributors worldwide specializing in spherical ball joint linkages and assemblies. Aetna’s spherical ball joints are made using 1045 steel for the ball studs and bodies. Aetna Screw concentrates on industrial applications with ball joint linkages designed and manufactured to various specifications, I.E. (SAE J490). Aetna can accommodate per-print custom application requirements and is capable of accommodating PPAP Requirement Level 1-3.

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Spherical Ball Joint Linkages Features

Aetna's ball joint assemblies are available in a swaged, spring loaded, quick disconnect or inline designs. As a spherical ball joints supplier, Aetna's capabilities include swaged 9 (with and without retaining ring), spring loaded, quick disconnect and inline designs. Manufacturing designs also include Style 2 Style 4. Aetna's spherical ball joint linkage designs include a 1045 steel body and stud for an extended wear life and excellent pull-out resistance, which is critical in industrial and commercial applications. Aetna’s Spherical ball joint assemblies are ROHS Trivalent Zinc plated with a supplemental yellow dichromate coating for additional corrosion resistance. We also have the capabilities of producing left-hand threads and custom per print items and linkage assemblies upon request.

Ball Joint Linkage Applications

Aetna’s SPG, SRG, and Quick Disconnect Ball Joints are an economical solution for applications that require high-wear resistance. Aetna primarily manufactures industrial ball joint assemblies for the following applications:

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