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Wheel Bolts & Wheel Nuts

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bolts and nuts

Aetna carries a large selection of wheel bolts and nuts in stock. If you cannot find the wheel fasteners in this section to suit your specific per print requirements, contact us with your part number, Aetna can supply wheel fastener products to any OEM, Military, and U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Command specifications in inch and metric sizes. Aetna can accommodate per-print custom application requirements and is capable of accommodating PPAP Requirement Level 1-3.


All Aetna wheel fasteners can be supplied with a

  • Certificate of Conformance or Complete Material
  • Heat Treat
  • Physical
  • Coating Certifications

All Aetna wheel fastener products have complete traceability. Aetna can also supply all-wheel fastener products to a PPAP Level III conformance status for production runs.

SAE & ASME Standards

AETNA wheel bolts and studs meet all standards found within SAE J1102. This SAE Standard covers the chemical, metallurgical and mechanical requirements for two types of passenger car and truck wheel bolts in inch sizes, as follows: (a) Non-serrated shank bolts which are heat treated, and (b) Serrated shank bolts that are case hardened.

AETNA wheel nuts meet all standards found within SAE J995. This SAE Standard covers the mechanical and material requirements for three grades of steel nuts suitable for use in automotive and related engineering applications, in sizes 1/4 to 1-1/2 in, inclusive, and with dimensions conforming with the requirements of the latest issue of SAE J482 or ASME B18.2.2, except for machine screw nuts which are not covered in this standard.

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