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P Quick Disconnect Ball Joints


P Series Ball Joints

Stainless steel ball joints for the P series are suitable for light loads and have good wear resistance for industrial or mechanical applications. Quick disconnect P series ball joints are cost-effective for weight-sensitive applications, and the length adjustments are simplified by the disconnect feature. The P series ball joints are also manufactured for a pre-positioned stud.


P series disconnect

P Series Ball Joint Specs

  • A hardened steel spring retaining clip accepts the ball stud member at 19 pounds maximum push-in load and permits removal of the ball stud with 14 pounds minimum pull-out load.
  • Body and ball studs are made of 1045 steel. Both are surface hardened for wear resistance. 
  • All components are .0003 minimum trivalent zinc dichromate treated. 
  • The retaining clips are heat-treated spring steel & 480 hours to red rust organic coated.
  • Stainless steel parts are made of 304 stainless.
  • Ball sockets are packed with lubricant.

All plating and coating options are available upon request - please provide coating specs - Contact Us to learn more.

AETNA PART NO.A Thread SizeCGHJM Wt. Per 100
P1000  10-32 7/16 7/8 31/64 1-5/32 10-32    3.0
P1100  10-32 9/16 7/8 31/64 1-5/32 1/4-28    3.2
P1002  1/4-28 9/16 7/8 31/64 1-5/32 1/4-28    3.4
P1200 1/4-28 7/16 31/32 17/32 1-1/4 10-32    2.9



10-32 7/16 7/8 31/64 1-5/32 10-32 304 Stainless  

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